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21 Reasons Why He Won't Propose

Every relationship that's not clearly defined is an absolute waste of years and commitment. So many adults claim to be "in a relationship" without a logical purpose. It's always a disheartening experience, if after so many years of making a relationship work, you then discover that the relationship has a future but without you in the picture. Being in a supposed serious relationship with your partner must involve visible signs of commitment and long-living. At that point, you can't afford to be disappointed; you should know what you represent in the relationship. If you find yourself thinking that a proposal will show that he really loves you or you're just worried why he hasn't proposed or you've been together for years and it seems there's no plan of having you-two, living together-forever, here are specific signs to observe and critically consider.

No. 1 - If you are the opposite of him. When it comes to marriage, a man want a woman that will complement him not compete with him. A woman that knows or would like to know abit about his career or job details. Lets take for an instance, If he's a Public speaker, he won't get along with a lady that's shy or can't make an appearance before the crowd. Even when we know: we all aren't the same, a man would desire a lady that's presentable not just to his parents and families but also at the official front, hence, the reason why he hasn't proposed.

No. 2 - If you talk faster than your brain. Such a lady on a round table with friends, among families or relatives is a bad deal. He sure won't propose.

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No. 3 - When you play the boss. Sometime ago, i heard a lady telling her man: "baby, don't worry, i will rent the apartment for us" Oh no, you just killed his ego! How about: "baby, i will lend you the money to rent the apartment but you will pay back" and if he doesn't, at least you never wanted a pay-back at first. Let him be in-charge of taking sensitive decisions.

No. 4 - When you mistake being classy as being expensive. No man will desire a woman that pays maximum attention to what she wears even when he wants her to look good. Getting the latest of this and that doesn't mean you've got money or you're so comfortable, it only means nothing else receives your attention other than how expensive you look. Such won't make a good wife with a man with prospects. He just won't propose.

No. 5 - If you are not from his home-town. Weird but true and such does exist. Some men will not marry any lady not in their state or from their home-town. The earlier you know, the better for you. This could be the reason why he hasn't proposed.

No. 6 - If there's an 'already-made' lady somewhere. He won't propose.

No. 7 - If his mother doesn't like you. It's no comics that some men are totally controlled by their mother and we have those whose decisions could be highly influenced by their mother. Young lady, instead of wasting your time while waiting forever, just watch the mother's body language, you could have a clue if she want you around her son.

No. 8 - Religion differences and family acceptance.  This sometimes could be complex. Where the wedding will hold, what prayers will be said etc. Alot comes with religion differences. If he comes from a family where their beliefs are considered uttermost. It would be difficult for you to be accepted, hence, he won't propose unless he chooses to stand against his family or win their mind over.

No. 9 - If he's still living with a friend or still in his parent's house. I think what he needs the most and what's best for you both, is his freedom. That's when you two can plan for a good future together.

No. 10 - If the only time you have a need is when you call him. Read again, that could be the definition of a pest. LOL. He won't propose.

No. 11 - When all you do is talk about yourself and your family. The young man would have doubts about the future; if you're going to allow him take care of his family as much as you care about yours.

No. 12 - When he sees your level of education as a problem. Not a good one though but i'm sorry, he won't propose.

No. 13 - When you are so much into your job or career. 

No. 14 - When your ex-s becomes your handbag. You said he's your ex and you still meet for dinner dates and whatnot, no matter how much he trusted you, don't make him doubt you. Hence, you let go! It isn't an issue of insecurity but an issue of doing what's right. There is no reason for you seeing your ex. If it's somewhat official, demand a replacement, find someone else to have on those dates and discussions; just not your ex. You both could be friends but not regular meetings or phone calls. Save your relationship some drama and watch him propose to you in no time.

No. 15 - When you are richer than him. Not every guy out there can live with this. It could be intimidating to have a woman in charge of the mega bucks. Some ladies can't be trusted at that point and there's a tendency of that man losing his prestige. Even with those cash in your account, you'd better be humble, hence, he won't propose, expect if he has got the cash as his main target. 

No. 16 - When your mother influences your decisions. That's a straight red flag and if care is not taken, your mum could tell you how many times in a week you're gonna have sex with your man when you're married. There's every need to build a mind of your own, you can seek advise from your mother but not you allowing her to make the decisions in your home. It could be dangerous!

No. 17 - When he seem to be chasing you for too long. He won't propose.

No. 18 - When you are dirty. Yes, that's the right word: dirty. He won't propose.

No. 19 - When you have so much of male friends and you talk too much of them around him. It's just like a wife murmuring the name of a male celebrity in her sleep, right beside her husband. LOL. He won't propose.

No. 20 - When you are already living with him. Maybe in the next few years but he won't propose as fast as you want it. Read The Dangers of Cohabitation

No. 21 - If you didn't get pregnant to confirm your fertility. Crazy? But that's the truth, some men are scared of 'left-overs', he might want to be sure if you're still fertile for a child before he proposes.

Alright, beautiful list i must say. Now, if that young man is taking like everlasting to pop those special words - "will you marry me" or you keep wondering why he hasn't proposed, then perform a quick check-up on yourself with these 21 reasons. To receive another interesting topic via your e-mail click here

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