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5 Simple Ways to Hypnotize Your Partner on a First Date

A first date comes with so many expectations and that's because you're meeting him/her for the first time. It's normal to be conscious of so many things at the same time: like your dress, how you gonna smell and more. While you are preparing for all these, care is needful because certain things could speak louder than your words and i'm sure you wouldn't want to mess it up. Here are what should receive your attention:

1) Your Hair-do - There's a way this goes along to support and power your looks. A bad hair-do is a bad face! I can imagine a gentleman wearing a Balotelli kind of hair-cut, his facial appearance would be altered even if he's wearing the most expensive wears. Your choice of hair-do can make you look handsome or beautiful even when you're not.

The Attire
I think the norm is a fitted gown except when it's somewhat official and within work-hours. You don't have to reveal everything but something. The truth is, a little eye-distraction works for some men.

* Shoe - Young woman, i think this' not the time to rehearse a high-heel shoe, you just might mess it up. Getting a new pair is wholly not necessary if you've got some shoes that could help maintain your balance.

* A clean straight-down blue/black jean (not multi-colored) in combo with a fitted shirt is a good deal. Here's where what works for you comes in. Personally, i prefer to roll up my sleeves to my elbow and that means my shirt is gonna be tucked in. You can chose not to, it's all about what works for you.

* You don't have to be in search of a particular designer. A good shoe is a good shoe but not a rain-boot or slippers. LOL

2) The Perfume - Yes! You must wear a perfume. How you smell could be a plus or minus. A good smell brightens the atmosphere for a smooth conversation. It's gonna be a miss to wear sensual cologne. Don't ever try it on a first date! Simply wear a soft perfume; not the loud ones, and don't spray too much. Mind you, it's possible for your wrong choice of cologne to swallow your conversation; all that would get her attention is the loud smell on you and not your words. If you want to create a lasting impression, just smell good in a moderate way.

3) The Conversation - This alone is like the body of a message, because, away from your looks, this could be the second turn-off. You don't need to rehearse 101 conversation start-up lines, some of which can kick you off your balance and turn you into a stammerer in the presence of the lady. From experience, I've deduced that the stress-less, easiest and smartest conversation starter is a sincere compliment. What more could be simpler than complimenting the beautiful gown of a lady on a first date? What else could be so effortless than complimenting a good make-up? Mind you, she probably spent hours on those paintings. LOL. Alright, look out for my next write-up on how to be in charge of a good conversation.

4) Keep it simple - Your first date is not the time to try-out new things. Make sure you're wearing something that makes you comfortable. Everything on you don't have to be loud. Just be simple!

5) Avoid Mouth Odor - It's important you know that one simple thing could be an absolute turn-off regardless of how you smell or look, and that's if you've got a mouth odor. To save yourself on a first date, get a mouth spray and you can always use the gents to apply it. After surviving the first and few more dates with a complete impression, your partner can then chose to stay or leave if it's eventually discovered. Mind you, it's always gonna be positive because of other things in right places and at that time, you might have won his/her heart over.

Now, all you need-do is to go out there and create that lasting positive impression on your partner. It's as simple as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5. Go win a heart over! To receive another interesting topic via your e-mail click here

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