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How to Have an Amazing Sex Life at 60

Sometimes ago, I was privileged to settle a discord between a couple of about 60 - 65 years of age. The interesting side to this is that my experience is going to be the template for this write-up. Before i delve into the story via points, here are 5 facts you need to know when approaching 50, 60 and beyond.

No. 1 - Men is as sexually active as the first day you both met.

No. 2 - He always wish you could try some sex positions with him but he'd rather keep mute.

No. 3 - Just when you both are home or in the bedroom, he desire to see you wear a Victoria's secret or even a matured g-string, i mean those sexually compelling under-wears you once had. LOL

No. 4 - A good first round might just be good enough for the day.

No. 5 - Tell him he's an handsome boy on bed. Yikes! He's gonna feel young and graceful.

No. 1 - The older they get, the more most of them lose interest in sex.

No. 2 - If you womanize, she will be scared of contacting HIV/AIDS.

No 3 - You can NOT threaten her with a divorce as she has got her grown up kids to call "husbands".

No. 4 - She can stay months without sex if you don't touch her.

No. 5 - She appreciate and prefers your romantic gestures than sex. Better still, a 'time-table' of once-a-week sex is a good deal. Why? Did you just ask why?? Something you don dey take for over 30 years no go tire you? Hahaha!

Alright, thanks for reading. I shall be sharing my experience with the earlier stated couple in my next write-up. 
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