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How to Have an Amazing Sex Life at 60 - Concluding Part

Welcome to this discuss! Just in-case you missed the Part 1, please click here

On the previous topic, we discussed the 5 facts every man and woman must know when the opposite gender is approaching age 60. On this topic, we're going to learn how not to place blame as well as the solution to boring sex life at 60.

Permit me to concentrate this topic and solutions via the women's angle since over 85% complaints comes from that end. If you're saying "Oh, that's not fair, how about the men?" Maybe you try giggle his 'pump-action' and see if he's not ready for the next round. LOL

* When you traveled all your life in the name of providing "food on the table" and you resigned or probably retired only to start pestering her for 101 sex positions. Oga, she be porn star?

* From the start, you've always been having intimacy twice-a-week and you were OK with it and now you want to change the routine to once-a-day. Oga, no be magic! Slow and steady.

* Your only way of "punishing" her is denying her sex and now that she's getting use to it you're demanding it 3 times a-day.

Let me pause there! You see, there are many reasons not to blame your wife at that age. Not being sexually active at that age or above has been a gradual process. It's also important you know that not all cases of this kind can be corrected (it takes two; you both) except if you're considering having another woman with a special tag of "for sex only"!.

Do i need to tell you what that will do to your family? Oh nah! That might just make you an author of "Taking the right decisions at age 60" LOL

I definitely cannot tell you how to be intimate with your spouse but i most assuredly can tell you how to have an amazing sex-life at 60.

No. 1 - See the youthfulness in one-another. Age is just numeric, you both are still young. Note: To yourselves and not to others.

No. 2 - Acknowledge that the sex-life cannot be just as how you both started and then come to a compromise.

No. 3 - Try a new and comfortable sex position. Just one in a week is OK, that's a spice! Your usual and old position is damn boring!!!

No. 4 - Intimacy is not necessarily at night. How about a good hit at afternoon while you spare the night for a good talk/rest?

No. 5 - Walk naked in the bedroom. Weird right? Yeah, but it works exceptionally most especially the emotional plus funny feeling on the face of your spouse.

No. 6 - Talk dirty! Yes, and that's right. You both own yourself regardless of whatever , you both should be safe in each other's arms. If you enjoyed the sex you both had last night, why not say it in the day, when she least expected, that's cool. Remember, in each other's arms, you both are not old.

No. 7 - Be romantic! It's unfortunate that romance die quickly around that age in some homes. Who says you can't take her to the cinemas? Oh you can! How about you two listening to a live band? Why not get him a huge teddy bear or even his favorite designer when you both were under 30. Old man, oops! I meant, young man, by now you should know the size of her underwear, find her favorite design and buy it!

The fact is, for men and women around that age; with little to worry about, there's a maximum attention and appreciation of these things because it brings back the youthful feeling and also serve as a reminder that they're not all that old. Now, get this, if you concentrate a bit on wears or stuffs that covers the sensitive parts of your spouse, you're so winning the way to her heart on bed.

If i were you, I'd start with 'playing' with her brazier: at least i bought it for her; admiring the fitness on her boobs.......and that could lead the way to unbutton it and then some smooching. Well, i leave the rest to you. LOL

If you're experiencing a boring sex-life especially at that age, the list above are practical ways for a take-home and a continuous happy living. 
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So beautiful! Permit me to stop here and don't forget to drop a comment below. We would like to know what's on your mind. Happy Living!

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