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The Dangers of Cohabitation

Why would a guy and a lady live together when they are not tied by official papers or religious vows? There are so many reasons and it’s unfortunate that it has become a norm in the society and also a major reason for several relationship break-up. We shouldn't be too quick to justify this trend as being in LOVE, since love itself comes with regrets when certain orders are not observed. Right here, in few minutes, I'm going to take you through the dangers of cohabitation. 

It reduces your self-worth
No matter how many times your partner says  he/she can never be bored of you and probably want to spend the rest of his/her life with you, such words could be better experienced in marriage than having a taste before marriage. What you have to understand is that, most beautiful and well crafted words could be sponsored by emotions, and emotions do fade away at the face of reality. The reality is that you both are not married, and if by personal decision you chose to become his acting-wife, your well-kept value would be altered and your self-worth would be reduced to that of his kid-sisters or even a common maid. It's as serious as that!

Being engaged is not being married
Now, this is one of several sensitive sides of a relationship. He gave you a ring and all-of-a-sudden you think you are now his wife, no! Lessons of life have taught us that not all engaged status advances into married. Two love-birds could be engaged for a year, two, three or even seven years without a plan for marriage or may not marry after all. How would the young man be motivated to make it official when you're unofficially leaving with him?

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It's a shame to culture and tradition
No matter how irrelevant we have made culture look like, no matter how our tradition has rapidly dwindled to give the 'modern-life' a face, it has no doubt upheld our morals and ethics. In some families, culture is still highly regarded. Culture and tradition could say: "stay in your home. The man will come there and ask your parents for permission to have you with him forever". . . and you say: "the 'old-way' is no life; I'm watching my biological clock". Care is needful because when the regret comes, you probably going to be watching your menopause clock as a result of your hastened decision.

It makes you the regular person
It's natural for two people to get tired of themselves. That's why we spice-up ourrelationships by doing some romantic things. Even if you gets tired of one-another, why not leave that till after you are married when a little 'fight and kiss' would spice it up again? No matter how much you'd love to see your partner, when it becomes regular, then forget the "i miss you" part of your relationship and it could be boring beyond repair especially if the foundation of your relationship is built on cohabitation.

It’s unfortunate that the society sees nothing wrong in cohabiting as it has become a common practice all over the world. A large number of relationships do not survive after cohabitation. It has in no way serve as a benefit to marriages especially if you are someone that desires a good wedding and a comfortable home. The major bond cohabitation establishes between two lovers is mostly sexual and there could be several regrets in the process – broken promises, unexpected and painful disappointment, since you have given your all to the relationship. There is no win-win situation in cohabiting the victim has always been the female gender since it’s like the guy had had it all. The present practice of cohabitation has been abused. Apart from the fact that it reduces your value, you are practically working in the home as a wife that you are not. Even if you are consoling yourself that you are engaged, at least you are not married. A weekend over could be a better idea but not your total submission into the hands of a man that is still free to chose another without any regret Don’t make this mistake in your relationship, you can always make it healthy and free from troubles. There are some mistakes you won’t be able to correct, so, be careful and be wise as well. To receive another interesting topic via your e-mail click here

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