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Simple Steps To Get A Kiss On A First Date

Crowning your efforts for a good first date with a kiss could be a good romantic reward, it's like having a successful date, but you must have read and understood the 5 Simple Ways To Hypnotize Your Partner On A First Date to get you started. After the careful selection of the location, your complete dress sense and powered conservation, getting a kiss on a first date is just too simple to fail at. As a relationship coach, it's been deduced that the general threat on the mind of every guy are the words, "what if" - "what if she resist me", "what if she doesn't like it" and you are always quick to console yourself with, "if not today, there's another time" - but you just lost! There's nothing too fast about sharing a kiss on a first date if the connection is right. How do you get to do that?

Don't get this wrong, I’m not asking you to change the conversation. Infact, you make the lady uncomfortable if you think changing a conversation to anything sexually related would place her on speed dial. That's like the norm and a smart lady won't fall for that. At that level, knowing it's a first date, a kiss can only be earned when the emotions are overruned. Your assignment here is to make your partner-in-process lose control of her emotions or just wake it. Now, that's simple, because women are emotional by default and they could be compelled like-wise. How do you wake it or overrun it?

Few lines up, I made mention of the careful selection of the location. Observe the table setting of the restaurant or eatery. On a first date, everything starts and ends at the table. It’s a bit more difficult to get a kiss before she picks a cab or drive home, you could be begging for it at that time and that isn't ego-friendly. You can't get closer to her if the table setting is restricting you and you also can't re-arrange it, else, you mess things up. If the position is right, move on to the next. 

Yeah, that's right! Go right on and make a body contact. Knowing it's a first date and considering the seating position, the easiest body part to access is her hand and the simplest thing you can do, is to place yours on it. Don't go playing with her fingers, you have no such right yet but you can run your finger at the back of her hand without moving your hand. If your conversations before the first date were somewhat intimate, then you could make the move to slowly stroke her hair. Whichever you subscribed to, watch her body response. If it's negative, go get STEP 1 right, if it's positive, leave your hand on hers/continue stroking her hair while you move on to the next. 

At step 3, you just passed a message of a desire, so keep it close. Your conversation should be appreciating the smoothness of her skin or the slickness of her hair. You could ask what makes it so beautiful. Watch her explain while you keep your eyes deep on her. Look with a desire; somewhat sensual - navigating between her eyes and her lips. She could look back at you or be a little shy. Whatever it is, dude, you got her right there. The combo is complete!

Do i still have to tell you to move your head closer? LOL. At this point, don't go deep kissing her, it's obviously open and she might not be cool with open affections. Just keep it on her lips. Seize your breath and you could remain there for at least 5 seconds, that's another bold message! Ok dude, that's enough! LOL. Withdraw and just say, "that was sweet" and don't be too quick to change the conversation. It leaves certain memories with her.

Now, three (3) things would happened to her, she could blush, shy and not be able to look at you or she could say some words, like

"That was too fast"  
Your answer:  "I couldn't help it"


"I wasn't expecting that"
Your answer: "It was the perfect moment"


"You stole that"
Your answer: "That makes me a good criminal"

Now that the ‘job’ is done, you've passed a first date and a good one, so add it to your C.V, LOL. You could be nervous at the start, it's normal because at that point, emotions could be pretty intense. Don't misuse or abuse it! It’s a good connection on a first date and it creates the possibility of things working out between you two. To receive another interesting topic via your e-mail click here

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