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Crazy Ways To Spark Up Your Relationship

At a time in your love life, you'd be thinking of ways to spark a relationship. Sometimes it looks so boring and you may not know how to rekindle it. True is, every relationship needs a spark! No matter how long you both have been together; there would always be a time when everything looks dead. A time when it seems the touch and feeling of romance is lost. It isn't a spell or a fault from any of you two, it’s a natural occurrence. It's just like a sudden silence in the middle of a conversation where everyone seems to be without words. Likewise in relationships, there are moments of silence; moments when certain things look too usual or over-used, moments when the regular things becomes deadening. This is different from saving a dying relationship, it's about the spark! Every day, you probably talk for hours over the phone and you got nothing new to say. You probably see your partner everyday and the face becomes too familiar or maybe you are just finding a way of reviving your boring intimate life. Whichever phase your relationship is experiencing now, you've got some crazy but amazing tips right here on how to spark a relationship. Be aware that these tips aren't common. They’re not the everyday romance epistles. They work like an unexpected jab to the jaw and do powers your relationship back on track. Now, let get it:

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Yes! This may look strange but very effective. The major part of your relationship that would be affected is the over-familiarity side between you both and that's very much a positive one. Having a little fight in a relationship is the easiest and fastest way of spicing up a relationship. It will bring about a slight separation and that will cause you both to miss each other though less on you since you planned it. It makes us appreciate our partner more. Those little things like the text messages, phone calls and whatnot that paused as a result of the little fight, awakens us to recognize the importance they have on us. Make sure it's a 'little' fight, meaning, what will cause it should be something of little importance that could make you both doubt your level of maturity when you get over it.

Jail Yourself
The fact is, in a relationship, we appreciate our partner more when we miss them. Make yourself unavailable for a while, it's another great way to rekindle love in a relationship. Deny your partner your physical presence: a good excuse would do. In every relationship, there is this possibility of being taking for granted when we see our loved ones regularly. The point is if your partner truly loves you, seeing you again after your few days of personal jail term would be like Christmas.

Switch off Your Phone
As a lady, can you express that sweet feeling you get when your man goes: "where have you been? What happened to your phone? I've been trying your mobile for the past 5 hours. You kept me so worried. Thank goodness I got you! . . . blah, blah, blah!" LOL. Sincerely, hearing that, any lady would feel special. Imagine the genuineness of the expression on his face, the serious look like that of a kid craving for more chocolates . . . Lady, that special feeling of been loved could make a monkey look beautiful. LOL. Yeah! That's the essence. It sure works at max! That’s the spark we talking about, doing that once-a-while is a good deal to reviving your relationship back to life. It wakes the attraction for each other and revives your values before your partner.


For some men - I don't know the response of your tradition to this act but if we're to exercise love without boundaries then it has got to be NO big deal. It's obviously a crazy way to spark things up in your relationship. You may not need to inform her; you just go to her wardrobe, pick them up and do the laundry before she comes back. Now, this different from your regular laundry, this is strictly for her under-wears. Likewise, she probably could be around while you do it and she stares at you. It's nothing awful but a sure way to establish a sweet emotional feeling for having you as her man. Not many men do this and that’s what makes you different. Best believe, this has nothing to do with your ego or position as a man. It has nothing to do with you being “in-charge.” It’s a unique way of claiming absolute ownership of your woman. You don’t have to do this all the time but such humble act is a total way to spark any relationship.

Ask for a Break
There are ways to hypnotize your partner, on a first date or after. But when it comes to asking a break in order to spark up your relationship, I'd advise you find a good reason for this. Let assume your man complains a lot about your poor communication or some weakness, even when you know he's right and you desire to change, that could be your cogent reason. Make his complaint your reason and wait to see how defensive he's going to sound: more like eating his words. Let me create a scene here, it’s a deep emotional feeling when a lady comes to agree that she’s not good enough for her man. Right at his face, at that minute, what you've done is making your man think he’s been too hard on you especially when that expression comes along with a subtle tear-drop. That simple act transfers all the blames on him and he would suddenly think he’s the one to take it easy on you, but the truth is; you’re the one that got to change! It’s called emotional blackmail! Many men won’t like me for this though. LOL. That's for the ladies; the men should find what works. LOL

Another way on how to spark a relationship is pulling a prank. Yes! We all need it in our relationship. It’s a little but good feelings of genuine love to have your partner respond to the prank. Imagine the feeling of seeing your partner rush home because you said you were sick. Imagine you call a situation an emergency to your partner and then he rushes to see you only to tell him you just want to see his face. LOL. Now, that’s interesting! There are several pranks you can pull to spark up your relationship. It’s a little but good feeling when we are reassured of our partner’s love and commitment toward us.

The beauty of these crazy highlights is the beautiful reactions and expressions that comes with it. The fact that, it makes us feel more special, wanted, valued and appreciated . . . that's the Spark! To receive another interesting topic via your e-mail click here

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