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What Would You Do When Your Marriage Proposal is Rejected?

Lets talk about how to handle marriage proposal rejection and reactions. I did a romantic survey on this. If you proposed to your girlfriend and she says NO, what would you do? I'm more on the side of a boyfriend proposing to his girlfriend but since it happens in some countries that girlfriends do propose, i think i should write on that pretty soon. For now, read the opinion of guys and how you can handle marriage proposal rejection. Kinda hurt!

Sam, 29, was asked on his wedding day how he would have felt if his wife had rejected his marriage proposal. He said, “I’d moved on and keep searching!” Oh well, as easy as that sounds, it comes with a severe emotional pain. There is no faster way to kill a man’s ego than rejecting his marriage proposal. For a relationship to have gotten to the extent of marriage, it would have gone pass casual friends, dating and then fostering the possibilities of forming a home together.

Charles, 32, said, “I’d try again, maybe I wasn't loud enough.” I think that’s hilarious! But hey, let’s interpret the scene – A man probably goes on his knee, in a classy restaurant accompanied with a beautiful atmosphere and asked his lady: “will you marry me?” She paused for a while, looked at him and said, “No!” Damn, what could have gone wrong? What did he not do right? Yes! Marriage is an interesting but sensitive side of life. Everyone desires the best among men and women – maybe a total partner. We are aware of the fact that, that’s the time to make a physical and life commitment if we decide to accept, hence, care is necessary. But after a re-echoing “No!” how do you move on?

Rejection is a good way of seeing yourself; a way to do things better. It could be emotionally draining if at that stage of your relationship, your partner still won’t allow you be a spouse. Could that be years wasted? Mind you, you can’t be in a friend-zone with someone and be proposing, there must be something real going on. Or I guess you knew all along but you’d wanted to keep pushing the relationship, maybe or just maybe she would agree. Relax friend, not everyone we love must love us back! We all have the consciousness of who we want as a partner and remember:  if you are not too good for her, you are so perfect to another – STAND UP AND DUST OFF!

Alex, 25, said “maybe because I’m short!” Well, but can you change that? Don’t short people get marry? “Oh, I’m a school drop-out, that’s why!” Well, nothing is changing. “I know her mom doesn't like me” Well, do you want to change that? No matter the reasons, some things can’t be changed. You can’t grow taller for her sake; you can’t get back to school all of a sudden; you can’t force her mom to like you. She has to live with that or rejects your proposal just as done.

No! Not in any way if you are not making any of these 14 regular mistakes singles make. Nothing should make you inferior.  You are not just her kind of man but other ladies want you, know that. Don’t disappoint them. Establish another good relationship and see it work and remember, she’s not at fault; you’re somehow not just her choice.

There is no level of a relationship where there can’t be a break-up – even marriages experience divorce. Would you have preferred an open marriage or a quick divorce? It doesn't matter how many years you've spent together, a rejected marriage proposal is evidently saving you from the marital turbulence you’d gone through. Stand up and dust off, a lady is waiting right behind! I know it could be difficult starting all over; you’d wish you save your dying relationship and lead it to marriage but however you chose to move on, move on the right way. Let your rejection lead you to the direction where you are going to meet people of your kind. It isn't time to re-awake your interest in clubbing or go visit the brothels, NO. Point is, getting drunk doesn't change the situation because when you’re back to life, you’d remember what made you drunk again. Head to the right places, go out with friends, attend ceremonies, concerts, seminars, free your mind and open it to love again. Yeah, moving on is hard but you’re never going to be waiting for who you lost. Stand up and dust off, that should not make you inferior to other men; you are never less a man, move on the right way and get hooked-up because I’m waiting for your wedding invite. To receive another interesting topic via your e-mail click here

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