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Romantic Ways to Make Him Always Rushing Home to You

I know you would like to know how to make him rush home after work hours because you care for your man/husband. Of course, It’s the delight of every woman to be cuddled in the warm and smoothing embrace of her man after the day’s work. It's the delight of every man also to be welcomed home with a smile by his woman. It’s an in-explainable little but sweet feeling of satisfaction, presence and security. Though, it’s unfortunate that some women misses that "spot-light" and possibly replaces the “welcome home honey” moment with some other uninteresting lines and actions. But one thing is important – Home is Rest! That's how it should be. And anything that doesn't give your partner that well deserved rest should not be part of the home. If you really want your man rushing home like a kid chasing a new pet, here are few proven ways to get started at it:

  • Always Plant that Kiss – that Welcome Home Kiss MUST not be Missing – Don’t be too Over Familiar with Your Man to Miss Out on this.

  • Wear His Brand with a Smile – Wear what He Buys For You Even if You Don't Like it. That's right! It Only Encourages Him to Buy the Ones You Like.

  • Wear His Favorite Evening Gown in His Favorite Color and Forward a Camera shot to Him just after Working Hours.

  • For the Moment He Just Got Home, be His "Room Service."

  • Change Your Meals – Learn More Delicacy and Spice up His Dinner Moments.

  • Halt the “Request Time” until Bed Hours – No Matter How Urgent the Request is, Make Him Well Relaxed First and then, Make Your Request in Bed. You will Get better Response.

  • Take a Picture of You in Bed wearing some "Temptations" and send it with the Caption “I Want Your Touch, Baby!”. . .Yeah, Make Some Brain Cells Rumble.

  • Sit with Him till He Finishes Dinner – You Can Ask for Permission if its Important You Leave.

  • Be-In-Charge! Experiment in Bed with Him – Try More Positions – Something Different!

  • Call Him up at Work hours and Let Him Speak to His Son/Daughter if You've Got Any. It's Bonding. . .It Reminds Him More of Home.

  • Hand Him the T.V/Decoder Remote and Watch His Channel in a Romantic Posture – You can Request Yours after His.

  • Ask How His Day Went, Encourage Him if not-too-good, Applaud Him if Productive – Don’t Become a Detective of Where He Was and What He Was Doing.

  • If You just Bought a New Underwear, Take a Picture in a "Disturbing" Posture and Send it to Him During Work Hours with the Caption “Just For Your Eyes, Darling!”

  • He may want to Hangout with His Friends after Work Hours, Respect His Decision but Don’t Make it Regular.

  • Don't Miss that Warm Embrace, See Him, Throw Yourself on! 

  • Make a Card with a Bold Inscription of “Welcome Home Honey!” Just at the Door and Watch Him Smile Big as He Enters – It’s a Great Stress Reliever!

  • Buy Him Gifts with the Line: I saw this at the Store or Was just Passing By or (Mention your kid name) Asked me to Buy this for Daddy. LOL

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