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When You Want Him as Just a Friend

Some of many replies to a guy’s advances towards a lady has been: “let’s be friends” or “let’s start as friends” and this in most time is actually setting a trap for oneself. When a man likes you, and he approaches you, they actually want a relationship not friendship. There is this misconception that every good relationship starts with friendship but it’s important I let you know that it’s not the kind of friendship you accepted because you want to go into a relationship. You never can know a man well enough to be a friend within the few months of thinking about the possibility of having a relationship with him. It really could be a difficult situation to find yourself if you take him as a friend and he
sees you as his lady and if you ever fall in love (which is likely to happen) within the period of claiming to be just friends with him, you still have made a wrong decision. Every lady should know what they want in a man. There should be realistic and positive things you look-out for in your kind of man, and the truth is, if he’s not good enough for you, don’t pity him, simply give a “NO!” because if you do, there are chances that nothing he does would be good enough in the relationship. The irony of relationships is that, men often know what they want from a lady but ladies rarely know what they want from a man. A man believes he’s got lots of friends around him and approaching a lady could only be for anything but friendship, so telling him you want him as just a friend is like saying you want to join the growing list of his friends. Assuming he accepts, you will have a problem correcting him all the time because his gesture towards you would not be that of a friend, since he never approached you for the sake of friendship; he wanted something intimate. Most times, you could fall for it, concluding that he’s nice and every-every but the truth is, who wouldn't want to be at his best behavior to create a positive impression? Being just friends doesn't work with guys, you’d do yourself good and save yourself from looming troubles to either accept his love proposal or reject swiftly. And at any time you are not sure about him, you could possibly ask for more time. If hasn't been your friend before now, you really cannot know him well enough to call him a friend now. Friendship takes a lot of bricks in building, and this could take years. If he’s not your kind of man, just let him go. You’d save yourself a lot of energy and maybe some wasted time on the wrong guy. To receive another interesting topic via your e-mail click here.

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