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From My Heart To Those Men That Beats Their Woman

Written by Olakunle Oladipupo

I would have called this a letter but it’s really not one. It’s my heartily expression of the realities and exposure of some factual stands that may or may not be seen by these men.

I’ve asked questions over-time and the best answers I’ve gotten came from these bosses. Most of which were excuses and self-justification. The blame has always been on the woman and the way it seem now, it’s wisdom for any woman to look beyond the beautiful-nothings and glamour that surrounds being tagged a “Mrs” and focus more on the personality she’s about to commit herself unto. It’s wisdom for any woman to look out for any violence traits in her man and it’s more wisdom for you not to be deceived about a man changing after marriage. It may get worse!  Many of these men are out there and many women had fallen prey. The truth is simple but hard. What makes you a man over a woman is not in the muscles in your hands but the muscles in your brain. (BBM: 2A4AF80E) And if you are not matured at heart to
deal with the inconsistencies of women; which we surely do know they have, why not stay off looking out for one or even thinking of marriage. Now, this is a societal emergency! Regardless of the law threat guiding various countries, men like this could either remain the same or be hardened after a jail experience. They could only be a refined walking beast waiting for the next unfortunate lady. Hence, jail is no helper, rehab is same. From findings, most of these men don’t really like the beast they have become, many hate to imagine what they have done after been easily provoked. Hence, I came about how to manage domestic violence in your relationship. No matter the vocab-term that has glorified this terrible act; be it a psycho or having bipolar disorder, these men have got a soft-spot that can be appeased. Though it’s unfortunate that this write-up is no babysitter, as some back-in-time questions need answers. To those men that uses their woman to train for a heavyweight boxing contest and those karate masters, were you asked if you’d wanted to marry her in whatever religion you believed in? Did you respond affirmative or made any declaration similar to. . .

“I, (put your name) take you (put the name of the one you now beat) as my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, to love, cherish, and PROTECT, in sickness and in wealth, for richer or poorer, for better or for worse, and forsaking all others, keeping myself only unto you, until death do us part?”

How does that sound to you now, BOSS? Sweet or Sour? How fake was the answer you gave that day? You know you would have said “I DON’T” and the ceremony would have ended right there. But you went ahead and took the marriage vows, confirming you as a man, man enough to be a husband to a woman you’re soon to beat.

Did I missed a line or was I wrong? Why so soon have you forgotten the “I ACCEPTs”. . .“I WILLs” and “I Dos” you said on that lovely day with a deep grin on your face like a kid that has got a new toy? Or you probably didn't go through that process since she delivered herself so cheaply into your dangerous hands?

Yeah, I know you've got excuses. I know there would always be reasons, reasons strong enough to make you beat a woman? Has she changed? She now nags? Huh? Tell me more! Of what kind of man would your next generation be if you can allow a woman to bring you to that point of hitting her? Or maybe I just don’t get it; maybe I still don’t understand your plight, maybe, just maybe! Maybe I don’t have a ring on, maybe I’m not experienced, maybe having a wife is a mistake, and maybe having the kids see you throw punches at their mother is a KKB show. Just maybe! Maybe you could survive a minute with Klitschko, maybe the poor woman’s punch could weigh 50kg, maybe I’d see you running for your life, maybe you’d stand and face her. Just maybe! Maybe when next you hear people say a woman is a weaker vessel and what you have before you is a beautiful face, smart head, intelligent mind but a strong puncher, maybe you’d asked the Biblical Peter for its right meaning as it’s now not to your advantage.

You probably started with hitting your sisters; you became so superior and unquestionable. No wonder I called you a BOSS and not a husband. Truly, I wrote how to manage domestic violence in a relationship, it was actually for those men that HATES what they do; what they have suddenly become, those that need help and want to get better. But to you, each beating session is an additional STAR to your ego, and now that you've become a 7 STAR GENERAL, how would you handle a broken woman? Wisdom is far from you; your brain is dead to know that a broken woman and also a wife is a dangerous woman too. You made her who she is BOSS, you can’t have her back in total. She’s now hardened and aggressive, but yet, you still want a nice and lovely woman? How easier would it be to burn the oceans. Now your loss, BOSS. You just lost! Just unfortunate it’s not yours alone, because you have denied a responsible man out there the privilege of meeting a lovely woman. You just unleashed a broken woman into the society and when she says she doesn't need a man in her life, or she says all men are the same, that’s one good lady gone!

Can you please live with a man? Or are you scared of the gay law? Oh, you sure can relocate. Of course, you don’t deserve any woman? (BBM: 2A4AF80E) Can you just find a permanent home in jail? Having you in our society is a red alert. What kind of kids would you raise? What generation are you breeding? Though I have chosen to call you a BOSS, always do the opposite of whatever could make you hit her and be a HUSBAND; a good FATHER. Remember, what makes you a man over a woman is not in the muscles in your hands but the muscles in your brain. I’m sorry this content was no babysitter! I just couldn't ignore the societal cry for more fathers, rather than sperm donors. To receive another interesting topic via your e-mail click here

Written by Olakunle Oladipupo

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