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How Can I Manage My Relationship and TV set and His Playstation?

photo: mjemagazine
I taught it was all a joke when he told me to choose between the TV set or my relationship with him. He actually asked me to love him and his playstation or we divorce. I have heard people say there is no relationship break up without a warning signs but i am thinking It will be too soon to give up on him or even ask for a separation as a newly wed. But it seems that's one of the possible options I am thinking of right now since i have tried all i could do to revive this dying relationship.

It started about a year ago when he got back from national service. At the beginning of this new found habit, i was never worried because i thought everyone is weak at something and for the fact that he doesn't drink or smoke or keep friends or even partying, i accepted his playstation as a form of consolation to him and if i had started nagging him about it, i would look like an ingrate or what else am i asking for in a man again? I thought i had escaped greater evils and marrying him was never at second thought. We were about a year in the relationship when he proposed to me, after then he went for his service and then he came back and started work in his father's company, after 3 months we got married and we are expecting a child soon. So this whole thing has been like 3 years but he started this bad habit about a year now. The first time i sat him down to make him understand how the TV set and his playstation is affecting our relationship, he told me that
instead i should be happy and that it was the playstation that kept him busy from chasing after girls in camp. I actually found that funny, but it's not funny anymore now o because in my 8 months of marriage, i have been living with a rival and that’s his playstation. His attention has been so divided, the moment he is back from work we hardly stay alright without the pads for an hour. At a time i thought it was a spiritual problem, the way he plays it all alone and makes so much noise at it. I even find it difficult to tell anyone because before we got married, we had this heart to heart talk and I found out that he doesn’t like third party involvement in his home. Seriously, he isn't a baby-man, there are other things he does apart from that playstation that pleases me but this addiction is tearing me on the inside and even now, i am thinking of learning how to play the thing maybe that will create the bond i lost with him. I don't know what else to do, i have talked and talked and recently after i broke his game pads in anger, he asked me to choose between his playstation and our relationship. It has really kept me thinking and very worried of what may happen when I give birth. Seriously, I wouldn’t want to imagine going through the stress all by myself while my man is screaming at the TV set. Please I really need help on what to do.

PS: In order to keep the identity of the sender, some revealing lines has been removed but the original email sent to me remains the same. Please advise her by dropping a comment below, she would read them from here. Thank you! 

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