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Relationships: Things That Can Kill Love and Romance Together

Things that can kill a relationship
Overtime, i have had clients ask me reasons why relationships break up, the truths about relationships is that, it takes the same level of emotions and energy in making a relationship work and breaking up a relationship. From surveys and polls, the top list of things that can kill a relationship are the same things that can kill love or romance in a relationship. Sometime ago I was on phone counseling, the lady sounded so broken and she could not get herself to make a sentence, i asked her what went wrong and all she could say was; my relationship is dying. How? I wondered. She said, my husband complains about everything, he does not appreciate me or whatever i do. Actually to me, it isn't a new complaint, but at the end of the conversation, she knew that keeping a home together is more than
finding fault in her husband but looking at the things she does that makes the relationship about been over.

Overtime, I’ve listened to a men complained bitterly; my wife likes to nag at everything, she just loves nagging me whenever i am home, it's too much and so i decided to start coming home late, and on the side of the wife, she would complain that my husband comes home late. Why? I think she has a mistress. Now, that's fast to conclude, she look for the problem from the outside, a woman would always think another woman is her problem but what happens when herself is missing the spark her relationship needs, somewhere. Looking inside should not be the last but the first thing to do. There must something that you do that makes him stay out late. The moment you find it and pay attention to what makes you nags, then you will know how exactly to stop. Sometimes for a single lady wondering why he hasn’t proposed, this could be a reason.

coming home late
Overtime, during couples counseling I have observed that for many men, their love and romance during the pregnancy period of their wife dwindles. I do ask, when did it all started? The answer would be; when I had my first child. I noticed that the sense of affection and attraction toward to woman nosedives. In fairness to the women, some years ago I did a survey on how many percentage of men have sex with their wife in pregnancy and I carefully collate results from different survey websites. The answer was 25 percent. That’s ridiculous! But why should romance die during pregnancy? Contrary to the fears of many men, that’s when a woman needs such affection the most. She wants to be cuddled, she wants the sensual support of her man, she doesn’t want to feel alone during this period, and even more than ever, she wants to have sex. As against the fears of many men, most women want to have more sex during pregnancy with their husband. A man once gave a funny excuse of not sleeping with his wife, he said he does not want his penis to puncture the head of the baby in the womb; hence he stopped having sex with his wife. The internet is large enough to provide information on sex positions for a woman during pregnancy. It’s obvious not all sex positions are good for a pregnant woman. The few types of sex positions a man can have with his wife during pregnancy shall be listed in this article.

Now, these are just few but regular issues that happen in a relationship and as much as they look so tiny a reason, they are what establish the foundation for a possible death of love or romance in the relationship. Just before you drop a comment below, I shall be sharing more issues from diverse experiences in the coming articles.

Also, I would like to give answers to any of your questions. Just any relationship question that bothers you. I’ve promised to do this at the beginning of the year. Reply this article with your question or you forward it into this email address ( I will try answering as many questions as I can.  Note, I had like to tag these past experiences and questioning series of articles #Overtime on social media; majorly Facebook and twitter. Share it with the hashtag #Overtime. To receive another interesting article directly to your inbox click here. I’m waiting to read and answer your relationship questions.

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