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5 Types of Trendy Men in Relationship that Never Lead to Marriage or Proposes to You


Mr. Space Booker – This Mr. can be dating or engaged with you for 7 – 10 years and yet not marry you. He may show you off to his friends and family but hey, he has got an exit strategy. Another side to this relationship is that you both could chose to book space in each others life. But, the bitter part is that just as the year is counting, you both feel safe in the relationship. His care and positive impressions may not make you smell a rat. Mr. Space booker could have a real reason to waste your years. He may ask for time to complete his MBA, complete his mortgage payment, get a car loan, build business empire etc. The reasons are always real and somewhat reasonable to a dumb girl. Since you can’t force him to propose, you only wake to know that it’s been 8 years of loving a space booker.


Mr. Cum Splasher – This Mr. is skilled! He’s not training to be the next indecency star but he’s almost as good. His nickname is Mr. Sperm Donor. He’s never ready to be a father down the line. His ecstasy is splashing cum at ladies mouth, face and all. If sex was the only thing that makes a marriage work, he had stay married for 100 years. He wouldn’t mind raising baby-mama in every country. He’s super-hot in bed but beware, he could be nailing your best friend too.

Mr. I’m Unmarried – He has always got a sweet reason you would fall for. He tells you; I’m not married, I’m having issues with my wife, I’m seeking a divorce soon and just after you’re coming home. Oh, we’re separated and may just not come together again. Oh, I wished I had met you before meeting her. Yeah, those excuses smells like Acqua Di Gio to a dumb girl seeking real love and marriage from such men. A wise girl would smell poison and run. But if you’re seeking a fling or just a side-guy, you could go ahead as such relationship holds no promises.


Mr. Abs Freak – Yeah, he’s got the pack. He loves the attention it gets from ladies. He flaunts it and you drool. You would go everywhere with him taking shots and smiling to the camera. He spends the better hours lifting rocks and yet he’s not a model. Of course ladies now melt at the sight of a sexy 6 pack but if you were attracted to his pack and he allowed you into his life, and now you want him to propose to you, how about many other ladies that got attracted to this same pack? Young lady, you’re just been greedy. There’s love in sharing – even your man!

Mr. Ringman – Yeah, he’s the ring man, he is a good distributor. He has given so many ladies a ring to make them believe the relationship has a future. He never intends marrying any of them but he holds her down with the ring and have continuous sexual satisfaction. He allows her do all the responsibilities a legally-wedded woman would do. Just after some months, he’s gonna bring up a fight that will separate you both and just like a broken tree, the bird flew to the next safe-house. You’ve just been played!

Summary: For real, that’s the new trend. These guys are here; trendy in the society and you just might be dating one of them. I hope I don’t get messy emails after this. LOL. Write to you soon, and If you want to receive another interesting article directly to your inbox click here.

Happy Relationship Life!

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