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Why He Hasn't Proposed - It’s about 7 Years Now!


Wondering why he hasn't proposed? And since it's been about 7 years now, you are scared he won't propose ever again? I understand - He hasn't proposed to me and it’s looking like 7 good years of my life is about being wasted! Naah, i won't allow this guy go away from your life just like that. Naah! Oh, what if he's the wrong guy? What if he's really not into you from the start? Or maybe he told you there would be nothing serious from the start or you probably knew you were a side-chick? Tell me the chorus "I love him so much"....Yeah, we all do love something. Actually, we love something that's not worth losing at all. Wait! He was everything to you and you were everything to him. He talks about having you forever but he’s not just asking you to marry him yet and the years are counting. So, if you're this worried about why he hasn't proposed yet, i guess you really don't wanna lose this guy? Now i get it, i will help, would you allow me?

Don't get it twisted. Sometime last year i wrote why he won't propose. I'm writing this because this morning, I made a traffic search of my keywords and i saw that about 18.15% of my readers via Google were in this trouble. And as the helping guy, i really wanna address this specifically and i think it's a little advanced content for why he hasn't proposed over the years.

Now relax beautiful, let’s say after 8 years of your life and some guy been acting like a retard, booking space in your life? Not just a space, but such that can take 4 different guys in a relationship with 2 years of break up each. Naah, that's crazy! Yours is a whole 7 years of saying NO to others guys. 7 years of believing and possibly having some hot sex. And he won’t ask you to marry him yet? Whoops! I'm sure right. I actually think you would be losing so much from everywhere and not just his love. Of course, I'm still gonna help you. Now get yourself relaxed and be aware of what you will be losing. I need you to be ready to read carefully. I won't let this guy go from you, yeah;its operation make a guy propose. But hey! Remember, i break up bad relationships too, huh? Alright, enough of playing games with your mind. Now, let's go force someone to propose - a relationship of 7 years is worth this energy.

Hey lady, do you ever pay attention to his worries? Can you remind yourself of what he has been complaining about in the past few years? Yeah, let's start from there. The truth about most men is that they don’t admit their weakness. A man could even be guilty of what he’s complaining about you. He may even be worse than you do but his ego won’t allow him admit that, at least not to your face. Even at that, he would desire that you are not like him. He would desire you do those things that he’s guilty of not doing. Well, in your language, you can call this the man-factor but in relationship language, it’s called; compatibility. A man would always seek and propose to a woman that will complement him. They both cannot look the same in their weaknesses. He may find it easy to have a relationship with you but when it comes to marriage which is the home proper, you just may not be fit enough. My advice to you is that you pay attention to his regular complains and try getting better. Then, if he doesn’t appreciate your effort at getting better or he now complains the more, look at his face and tell him that he also have got his weaknesses that you’ve been managing with. Yeah, say that with courage! I endorse it.

The No. 2 reason why he hasn't proposed over the couple of years is when you’ve made yourself the boss of the relationship. Truly some men could be feminine in thinking; some could be easily taken advantage off. But no matter the nature of temperament of your man/husband, your job is not to train him, never! You job is to allow him lead while you either chose to follow or walk beside him BUT he must a step ahead of you and not the other way round. This is the problem of many women, maybe the ‘modern’ women. Most ladies that clamor for equal right had better know that it’s good for the society but it’s not good for a home that would be forever. In all fairness, i say no to sexism in any sane society. Every gender should be allowed and made to work out his/her strength. But in marriage, it’s a little different. You cannot boss your man or you’re husband-to-be and not him. No man will ever allow you lead him even if he’s poor and you’re the money-generator. Every man has got the masculine-factor that won’t allow you. The hidden truth to this is that, he may not complain and he won’t propose. No matter the century that we belong, no matter the country you’re reading this from; don’t be ahead of your man. If he’s too backward or lowly for your class or standard, you can break up with him but don’t marry him with the intention of you leading him or the home. Always ask for his opinion even if you’re the one spending your money or having the benefit. And when you’ve made him feel like a man that he truly his, you need not to worry why he hasn’t proposed. Soon, he would ask you that precious question; will you marry me? Get prepared!

The No. 3 proposal concern is when you are not an asset but a liability. Of what value are you to the relationship? Maybe you don’t get it – what do you represent in the relationship? That could determine why he hasn't proposed to you. Are you just a sex-machine? Of course, so many men are now trying-out their sexual skills by splashing cum on the face of as many women they won’t marry. Don’t tell me you want to make him happy, he just won’t marry you! Hey, I’m not talking from old centuries; I’m stating the hidden truth. If all you do is watch porny with him and try-out all the positions from each clip, then you’re not worth proposing to. Sex doesn’t hold a marriage just as having a baby for him won’t make him stay. The substance you have will determine what you can offer the relationship. I’m not talking about the lady that makes all the money, neither am I talking about the “Miss Independent” that won’t stop posting the status on every social platform. I’m talking your worth! If he doesn’t see your worth as a potential wife, then you would be a waste of marital space. Before you worry your mind about why he hasn’t proposed yet, ask a sincere friend that doesn’t like you to weigh you on the scale of 1 – 10 in the following:
  • Education
  • Life-style
  • Knowledge about Sport, Politics, Travel, Health, Finance/Investment, Spiritual.
  • Motherhood traits and
  • Romance.

If you could score 6.5 or 7 from the list above and he won’t propose yet after 7 years, find a new man and you will surely get one within a month. I endorse that. Your value in a relationship could make a man stuck with you more than sex. To receive another interesting article directly to your inbox click here.
...Continued in my next update.

Photo Credit: telegraph | Dnaindia

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