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Why He Hasn't Proposed

why he hasn't proposed

In my last article, i made some specific reasons why after 7 years he hasn't proposed. One thing is sure, if your boyfriend is not proposing marriage or you really don't know how to get your man to marry you asap, there are steps to take. I already mentioned 3 of some areas to check over here -  let's get going with the rest - Why he hasn't proposed.

The No. 4 reason is the Miss Perfection in you that’s always seeking all the lovey-dovish, super-romantic and no-stain relationship that can only be found in Hollywood movies. Yeah, those scripts could make ladies think that Tom Cruise is not in his 3rd marriage and Mickey Rooney in his 8th marriage. The perfect relationship you see on TV can only be found on your TV set. You want him acting Idris Elba in Daddy's Little Girls or the Mr. Right in “Never Go Wrong” movie that was never released. Your Billy Bob Thornton is in his 5th marriage and our beloved Angelina Jolie is on the list or maybe you’re a twin sister of Hillary Duff in Beauty and the Briefcase and you too have a personal list of standards you want in a man? That's ok! But how perfect do you want your man that you keep
comparing him to your charming script actor that’s only perfect on the screen? The real-life relationship comes with uncertainties. You can never have it all-in-one in a man except you just wanna deceive your friends about the “my boyfriend is perfect” flaunt. He's surely gonna have a part of him you wouldn't like and of course, you can’t change him if you won't understand why he behave the way he does; you can’t remote-control his life to meet-up your Mr. Perfect list. Even a baby would cry at what he doesn’t want. So, if you’re Miss Perfect and you’re seeking Mr. Perfect, know that such can only happen in a movie.

The No. 5 on the list is the classy and trendy Miss. I won’t write much on this but I’ve got a question only that friend you hate could answer perfectly - Beautiful lady, how expensive are you to maintain? As a girlfriend or even a wife, how much do you cost him? Oh yeah, he has got the money. Hence, you keep going shopping and traveling around the world on his credit-card and you want him to keep an expensive woman as a wife? I’d rather say, for 7 years of your life, you’ve spending away what he actually should spend on you as a wife and for sure, no reason to propose to you.

why hasn't he proposed

Yeah, you wished your boyfriend would proposed and he hasn't? The No. 6 thing you need to check if you're doing is when you’ve self-appointed yourself as his body-guard. You became his watch-dog and he obviously doesn’t have a personal space anymore. You’re so scared of losing him and so, you do it your way. You had better enroll for Infidelity 101 course to catch him faster or maybe a cheat detective training. You need not to scream “who was that?” at every call he receives. You don’t have to keep reading his text messages for you to be sure he’s not having other woman or sleeping around. Give him his space and don’t be all over him. You just can’t be his mother you know; even moms believe their kids are old enough to make decision and so, what special part of his life do you occupy that makes you his watch-dog? Even the heart goes weak at an insecure woman. You can’t be doing that and be wondering why he hasn’t pop that question. The truth is, in a man’s phone, a woman would always see what she intended to see. Something must look like it in that phone. So, why the headache and heartache on something that would end up in a fight between you-two? Thinking he hasn’t proposed yet and you’re acting up, he would rather let things remain like that until you want-out of the relationship.

Oh let me take on No. 7 and that’s self-respect and comportment. I actually received an inbox some weeks ago and a guy said my girlfriend is too lousy, she talks too, much even when we hang out, i would have to kiss her to keep shut. I hilariously answered – that’s why she keeps talking too much because she knows she would get a kiss. Alright, you hang out with his friends and you do all the talking, how well do you make him feel embarrassed before his family or friends? I think having the right comportment and self-respect starts from knowing the value you carry. I’m not talking being proud, I’m talking being yourself, expressing your nature or temperament and observing the limits while at it.

Here we are on No. 8. I tried making this major reason part of this content but it’s really larger than I ever imagined. So, I’ve made it a complete relationship advice, yeah! Would you like to know the categories of men to run-away from and those not to expect marriage proposal from? Sure you do! Hence, I shall be sharing that in my next content to you – Beware! 5 Types of Trendy Men that Will Never Propose Marriage to You. If you want to receive another interesting article directly to your inbox click here.

Happy Relationship Life!

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