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When Your Husband is Having an Affair and Comes Home Late

How to Catch a Cheating Husband or Man
Today, i want to talk about infidelity in relationship or marriage. That moment when your boyfriend or husband starts having an affair, staying out with his mistress and he comes home late. So many spouses are confused on what to do. There has been questions via emails i would like to address. But really this may not be about boyfriend - girlfriend content as it's more centered on the ugly happenings in different homes. 

Alright, so i got this e-mail and it reads - my husband is having an affair what should i do - Really, this must be an emotional stress especially when he comes home late too. Fact is every man that have another woman out there stays out late at night. Maybe not every day but occasionally. There could be several excuses for his coming home late but a smart woman would know a cheating husband. I'm not asking you to read his text messages or receive his phone calls, which could be destructive if you still want your home together. One easy way to suspect and know something is boiling up is if he starts coming up with sudden reasons or excuses to be late or travels out of your sight. He's never a regular traveler, his job doesn't require travelling around but he suddenly start giving reasons to travel or not come home often, that's a warning sign! But you know, there are reasons for having an affair. I will unfold them in subsequent contents. One thing you must know is that a cheating husband can be very smart to hide it away from your sight. So, if you suspect your husband is cheating, you need to find out if he is truly cheating on you with evidence, but when it's obvious that he's really a cheat, the below questions are what i would like to give some advice to.

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signs of a cheating husband
No 1. My husband is having an affair should i confront the other woman - Well, except you've got a black-belt in Karate, my answer would be NO. I've considered all possible reasons for a yes but i still say NO. It doesn't pay off at the end. It is a different situation when it's the other woman wooing your man but if it's your man wooing the other woman, please give her a break. If my answer was a YES and you went on a street fight with her, that still won't stop your husband from meeting her. If you cause damage to her body or some sort of injury, you could end up with the law. Whatever the outcome of your confrontation, it's a loss-loss situation for you. And don't forget that the man could use your mistake to open up 'opportunities' which could be in the name of 'repairing the damage you caused' or even packing out to start living with her. For you to keep your self-respect and the little respect your husband still have for you, you had better not confront the other woman. Actually, the problem is your husband; you confront your man and make him give you reasons for cheating on you. Make him understand the damage he has done and if he admitted cheating on you and you can't bear the pain in your heart, the worse i had advise you do is to ask for a personal space while still living in the house. Please note - while still living with him.

No 2. My husband is having an affair should i leave - Now this can be really twisted because the level of tolerance of ladies from different countries differs. But if you ask me, except for wife-battery and chronic infidelity, a woman should not leave her marriage. If there are kids involved, it could affect the welfare of the kids. I have been privileged to counsel clients from different countries and I've seen some ladies without kids agreeing to give their husband a second chance. Leaving the house has never been a solution. If you care about him or the relationship and you don’t want to lose him entirely into the arms of the other woman, stay with him and you both can add up strength to pass through that phase of your relationship life.

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No 3. My husband is having an affair and wants a divorce - Now, this could be a little out of hand if he’s the one asking for a divorce and not you. If you still want the marriage together, you can ask him for a separation and not entirely a divorce case, I would prefer to see a relationship status as separated and not divorced because in between that period you guys could figure out if you both still need each other together, work things out if possible and maybe have a feeling of how things would turnout for the kids or both of you if you guys finally choose to divorce.

No 4. My husband is having an affair should i cheat on himReturning wrong for wrong simply makes the other person feel less guilty of his evil. Cheating on him in return would bring both of you on the same level of shame. No one get really happy by getting even. And of course two crazy people could end up being mad; it takes one sane mind to know that the other person is going insane. You both cannot be insane at the same time. In fact, in marriage, revenge is not allowed except you don’t give a cent about the relationship anymore. Let him bear his guilt, let him be the one that broke the promises, let him be the shameful one, let him see himself as the reason things are the way they are now in the relationship. Let him be the one making it up and not you.

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No. 5. My Husband is having an affair and he’s now leaving out with the other woman - Hmm, it hurts! Really does. Know that this is when you need to be there for your kids if you have got any. Their state of mind as concerning the situation really matters. You just have to come up with a reason why daddy will not be coming home anything soon. Keep your kids out of the drama, no matter what. Play both roles, keep the home together because your husband is coming back home. It may take months, but I tell you, he’s coming back home. There always something a man thinks he’s missing out on, something he thinks he’s not getting from you and that’s why he would go out there searching and living with the lady he thinks has got it. And when his eyes finally opens to see that who he thought was flawless and perfect match for him is just a shadow of the nothing else, he will find his way back home. Staying in love isn’t all that easy as falling in love. The excitement that comes with the new woman will always fade away at the face of realities that will come their way. Our homes print a powerful image on our minds, if nothing at all; an emotional bond has been established – either between you and him or himself and the kids. No matter where he’s or what he does, he sure thinks about you or the kids. That’s why I said it may take months but he’s surely coming back home. And when he does, I hope you find the heart to welcome him and accept him into your life and the home. To receive another interesting article directly to your inbox click here.

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Happy Relationship Life!

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