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100 Ways to Break Up - Best Excuses for Break up.

Searching for the best way to break up a relationship is pretty easy if you have the courage to say these words. Of course there are reasons why you should break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend or even a date if you noticed the relationship isn't really worth it or just not what you wanted. The fastest way to break up any relationship is making yourself the victim. It works super-fast! So, i took up this challenge to write 100 ways to breakup to relationship with excuses.


1 - You love your job, i love my Playstation, lets just be friends.
2 - How about we try some other maybe we would appreciate ourselves more.
3 - We don't practice the same faith.
4 - You mention your ex in your sleep every night.
5 - I'm working on a business empire, i'd get marry when it's all perfect.
6 - I don't feel anything when we have sex.
7 - You're ganing too much weight and i'm scared what you'd become in 5 years.
8 - I would like to live alone at least for now.
9 - I think i am the problem here and i'd like to leave you for good.
10 - I thought i knew you but i was wrong.
11 - I will be travelling out of the country for some years and i wouldn't want to hurt you.

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12 - We are not from the same tribe.
13 - I love you but my parents doesn't, it just can't work.
14 - Give me some time to work on myself.
15 - We really can go back being friends and see how catch up.
16 - You are way above my league, i just can't match up.
17 - Trust me I wouldn't like to slow you down, please let me go.
18 - You want a man made in your world and i just can't fit those features.
19 - You hate what i love, i love what you hate, we're so not compatible.
20 - You're way more experienced than i'm.

best ways to break up

21 - This was not how we started and we shouldn't go on pretending anymore.
22 - I think we need some time apart, we'd figure out if we wanted this together.
23 - My genotype is SS, we wouldn't want to go through the troubles.
24 - I cheated on you and it's becoming too regular. 
25 - You're not good enough for me.
26 - I don't see myself getting married in 10 years.
27 -  My mom want this girl for me but i don't like her, just obeying my mom.
28 - We quarell more than we kiss, is that not a sign we'd divorce if we marry.
29 - I went through your messages, it's obvious you've been cheating on me.
30 - I think the age difference is the problem, lets try someone else.
31 - I'm feeling empty about us, i think the spark is gone.
32 - Forgive me, i love you but you love yourself more.
33 - I'm sorry, i tried being a mom to your kid but it's just not working.
34 - I like PDA and you're really shy than shy.
35 - I see you missed your ex, we just can't continue acting.
36 - Your mom controls your whole life and i feel like the second woman, it's time i go.
37 - Why would you password everything around you, i can't continue living in suspicion.
38 - I spent a whole day without thinking of you, you know that's strange.
39 - I want a babymama and not marriage for now.
40 - What attracted me to you at the beginning is missing now, not my fault.
41 - I think you should get tested, i'm positive.
42 - I really can't keep up with your lifestyle, you're just too expensive for me.
43 - I should have told you this, doc said i ain't fertile.
44 - I'm sorry, i'm seeing my Ex again.
45 - You snore pretty bad and that's long-suffering.
46 - My friends said you sleep around, we just have to stay alone.
47 - We have had some break up and make up and i really just can't trust this relationship.
48 - My parents made me love you, i'm off the pressure now.
49 - My friends says you're arrogant but i think you're simply rude and i can't stand you anymore.

best ways to break up with someone

50 - I just can't hold a relationship for too long, i'm sorry you'd be gone soon.
51 - You stood me up on a date, what kind of man does that, it's over.
52 - We are not sexually compatible.
53 - We have been dating for years now without future plans, i'd better be alone.
54 - I won't be in a relationship where a whole will go by without a call from you.
55 - You have too many male friends and i can't keep up with that.
56 - 

What is the break up excuse you've been told or heard. Please add yours in the comment box.

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Happy Relationship Life!

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