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How Do I Move On After Being Cheated On?

Being cheated on by your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband.wife is a lot of pain already. Knowing that this is someone you once trusted and loved and perhaps, you've laid everything down just for the relationship. Yet, how to move on or get healed after being cheated on is more important and it's obvious things aren't the same anymore. So here, i will share some ways to recover after this ugly experience.

1. CRY, CRY, CRY - Be aware that if truly trust is broken, you can't afford not to cry. If you hold your tears from rolling down your cheek, it will tear you on the inside. The first way of getting yourself back together is the healing-tears therapy, yeah, it really works. It's a way of painful expression that shouldn't be held back. Now, don't cry too much, if you do, you get sick and lean. Is it worth losing some pounds?

2. ASK FOR A PERSONAL SPACE - Let him know you want some time alone. If you are married, i had advise you stay living with him; what will be affected is the couple's talks or communication that used to be good, his meals, sex and others should not be affected. You're surely killing him on the inside and would keep begging for forgiveness. It's important he knows you're hurt. Fact is, your joy is not in his plea for forgiveness, in fact you've no joy in this at all. All you've got is a space to think properly about your relationship with him and what he would have to do to have you back in total.

3. SEEK COUNSELLING - What counseling does is to open the minds of you both to feasible options. I do recommend counseling for troubled couples not trouble girlfriends and boyfriends. Actually, if you're not married to him and he's giving you headaches and heartaches already, just kick his ass already!

4 FORGIVE - Hey beautiful, truth is, almost every man has cheated before. I'm not talking sexual intimacy alone. It could text message or social media flirting, phone sex or picture arousal. The average man has once cheated. So, if you think there is a guy that's super-perfect out there for you, i will say - go ahead. But if not, just forgive. I once had a client that told me that as long as he comes home every night, she doesn't have a problem with him. Really her husband was a chronic cheats. Now that's some woman right there! If you really want to be healed, forgive him! 

5 MOVE ON - Moving on doesn't mean you seek a divorce, it actually meant leaving the dirty scene behind. I see a lot of people get drunk, go to clubs and sorts just to get healed. Wherein such relieve is temporary. The reality is that there's a pain in the heart and such takes certain process to get over with and not some days of been a bad girl or looking horrible. Fact is a wound will always leave a scar that clears off with time, hence, moving on is assuming it never happened. It could be hard but no matter how hard it looks, you've to get healed first. Know that the dude may or may not be damaging himself as much as you do. Move on and get healed! To receive another interesting article directly to your inbox click here. 

Happy Relationship Life!

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