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7 Easy Ways To Catch A Cheating Husband or Boyfriend

The Raw Tips for Women Only

How To Catch a Cheating Husband or Boyfriend

In my last article on what to do when your husband is having an affair, i made some clear cut points that triggered some feedback and that powered this topic. I noticed that most women are not always sure when their husband is cheating since he has smartly covered his tracks and balanced the home front. Some women are really careful of accusing their spouse of cheating because they really don't know if they are right or wrong and also the danger in accusing your husband of cheating when he is not can be disturbing, hence, they remain in doubts even when something on the inside says he is cheating. Yeah, it can be that complex. You just can't rely on inner talks or feelings about your cheating husband and you can't act or accuse him base on assumptions too. Whichever, you need to catch him cheating on you to confirm your doubts but how would you do that?

Warning: Some action points could be more aggressive than others, it's advisable you use each point according to the degree of your marital trouble.

How To Catch a Cheating Husband, any of these would work.

Action Point No. 1 - Pretend All is Alright - Don't be reactive! Most women do chose to go hyper. No! Be smart and pay attention to details surrounding him. Know that you can't keep watching him all day as that alone is enough stress. There are some thing he would start doing. Don't question his sudden decisions to come home late or travel or hang around friends. Don’t worry about the calls he’s not picking in your presence or refuses to pick. Don’t worry about his change of wardrobe or interest in a new clothing collections. Allow a bird to fly! And while he keeps thinking you're so dumb and even not aware of his cheating moves, he will be creating more space to fall in your net. The more you act like you don't know, the more he would think he has got the space to cheat and in so little time, it will be very open.

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Action Point No. 2 - Confide in Someone - Nowadays, i see women hiring detective to give a close watch on their husbands. I think it's not right and more damaging. I would advise you find someone you have known all along or have a good relationship with overtime to help you on this. The person could be his colleague at the office, your sister or brother, family friend, anyone but not a stranger. And don't go about telling every member of your family as that could mean opening up your relationship in a shameful way. Remember, the essence of catching him is not to destroy your relationship so you have to apply max caution and wisdom. If he was seen in an hotel with another woman; his mistress maybe, you can prove your case and still keep your home if it was your sister or relative that saw that more than a detective. No matter the level of damage of your relationship, hiring a spy is more damaging. It destroys it without hope, ask Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Action Point No. 3 - Set Him up - This actually is the easiest. I was chatting with a client last week and she told me her husband was hitting on her sister and she had left the house since she doesn't want to break her sister's marriage. That really must be an extreme measure for any man to satisfy his high libido but it happens everywhere. So i told her, call your sister back in the house, ask her to accept the proposal from her cheating husband. She thought i was crazy. Really it may sound crazy but that's a better close catch. Her sister would act like it's normal to date her sister's husband and that she's not aware of what's going on. She would agree to go on a date with him then in one of the dates, the idea of meeting in a private place would definitely come up and that's all. He just got caught! 

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Another way, that lady may not be your sister but just some raunchy girl out there. Make the terms really clear from the start as she could be hurt if she goes beyond your instructions. Let their path cross, a little stepping on his toes or hitting on him in a club or his regular spot could start a conversation. A selfie of their first kiss could be enough evidence of cheating on you. 

NOTE: Don't do this if you're NOTE SURE your husband is cheating on you. But if he's a serial cheat and you want to nail him once and for all, go ahead.

Action Point No. 4 - Install a Call Recorder on His Phone - Some men have this application already installed on their phone, you just can simply go ahead and listen to the recordings. But if it's not installed, be careful of those apps that ask for permission before recording. Don't leave this on his phone for too long. It could be installed before a weekend he won't be spending with you, or before a meeting that you suspect. I know there are so many mobile spy software out there, i would advise you stay clear if you don't know the use. This is a little tech and if you're not tech-oriented, just leave out this option.  

Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Action Point No. 5 - Micro Keylogger: I was told this software helps in storing or hacking passwords. Well, just in case he changes his login details and doesn't want to share it with you anymore, get an expert to install this carefully on his laptop and you sure can read his messages. Trust me, in a sane marriage, there should be no secrets. No password hiding!

Action Point No. 6 - Leave for a vacation (the truth is, you’re not on vacation, you're somewhere close). Cheating husbands usually do the unusual acts when the wife is away. So before leaving, make sure you plant a recording device somewhere strategic in the house, like the bedroom and living room. By common sense, a cheating husband would take his mistress out for dinner because they are careful of rumors from the neighborhood while some would bring her home since you're supposedly on vacation. Whichever, a surprise visit could get him busted.

Action Point No. 7 - Create a Fake Social Profile: Now this is interesting! I once counseled a client to do this and it worked perfectly. In fact it corrected the marriage and gave it a fresh start with new goals. Here's how she did it:

* She identified the social platform her husband was so addicted to
* She created a fake profile with a random sexy picture of a lady and made friend with him
* Time after time her husband unknowingly was chatting with his own wife on the internet without giving her attention at home. 
* They were so connected and were like lovebirds on the internet not knowing it was his wife.
* As men would be men, he asked for nude pictures which she sent to him without showing her face, just those parts. Of course the high hormone won't make even a sane man differentiate that part. 
* All the while, the attention she was lacking at home, she was getting it on the internet from her husband.
* Time to meet was so embarrassing but emotional as they agreed to meet in an hotel.
* Her husband already booked a room and was waiting for this new catch and here comes in...his very own wife.

It is embarrassing to discuss what happened afterward but that was the marriage correction.

Initially, the man's excuse for cheating was that she was irritating. So this lady adjusted everything possible and impossible to satisfy him yet it never worked out. She told me she kept asking him; "what else do you want from i was not irritating you all the while if you can show me so much love and give me so much attention on the internet." It was quite an emotional moment but i'm glad it worked.

In Conclusion: I once did a survey, gathered from clients and open sources. I realized that 69% of men have once engaged in physical cheating. Though everyone cheats, either by admiring a man's body because he looks like Dwayne Johnson or his sexy blue eyes like Paul walker (RIP man) or taking a second look at her booty like Kim Kardashian or boobs like Micki Minaj, everyone is a cheat. But physical cheating is different, that's going extra steps to make it real. In this context, since not every man engages in physical cheating, don't always suspect the late coming or staying out late of your husband as one. But whenever you found out that he's really cheating on you, use any of these 7 action points to find him out. Don't forget, use any of these according to the level of aggression your marriage is facing. 

Declaimer: is not responsible for any damage or situation resulting from the application of any of these above action points. 

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