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The ONLY One Way To Propose to Her and Get a YES

the only one way to propose and get a yes

After i wrote what would you do when your marriage proposal is rejected, i noticed there's actually an only way to propose and always get accepted.

Straight up, like Nike, just do it! Yeah, let me show you how to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend and get a yes. Shout out to the bold ladies out there teaching a dude how to propose, go for him already. But just in case, you're wondering why he hasn't proposed, you may not look too far because there are 21 reasons why he won't propose to you. But on this very topic, what i'm about to show you may not be the only way to propose but it's truly the only way to get a YES and it has worked more times than rejection. You know it can be crazy to go on your knee and pop the question, asking her to marry you and she says NO. It could get anyone heart broken. 

The reason is...

No matter what you think of your boyfriend or girlfriend, you never can be sure if he/she is ready to live together forever with you. Some are confused about what you had become tomorrow, yeah, you're all nice and really cool guy at the moment. 

While you are thinking some things like work schedule or distance as no problem, she's treating them as the biggest problem. You just can never be too sure what she's considering as a factor for living with you.

But the only way you'd find out is if she says NO to your proposal. But that's a bad way to know.

So Let me help you here!

the only one way to propose and get a yes

Be sure there are no matters/issues left undiscussed before proposing. Don't think your girlfriend doesn't have options and she would jump at you like a magnet whenever you propose. Let no issue be left undiscussed.

At this point that you're sure you are both on the same page remember not to...

do this when she's passing through an ugly phase in her life, at that time, proposing is not the next BIG thing, it's a miracle brother!

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Every guy worries too much about a perfect proposal venue, disturb families and friends and all the drama that comes with it. Trust me, it's lovely to go all out for that special someone but what if right there, in the midst of these people she says NO.

Now. the KEY thing is isn't in just proposing 

It's in those things i already mentioned
* Make sure there are no issues left undiscussed
* Know you are both on the same relationship page

Good! Lets get to the next one.

I earlier mentioned the proposal venue. You never would want to get that wrong. From previous conversations you've had, you would have figured out her favorite spots or places. You can take her or fly her there. 

And maybe it's kinda above your budget, you can think of the next miracle center that would work just right. Not forgetting, she must have a sense of connection to that venue or spot for proposing to her. In short, the venue can bring back some good memories.

It may not be necessary to loud the whole thing except your girlfriend is a loud one. 

Just be careful of her kind of person. Oh yeah, some girls don't like surprises. They always would like to have a heads up on what's coming. Be careful, you just might be on your knee to get a NO if you ignore that part of her.

the only one way to propose and get a yes

It could just be both of you; you and boy/girlfriend. That works too as in , it does. Whether you chose to be loud or go solo, the pictures i see on Instagram or Facebook are always about the ring and the guy that proposes. She flaunts the ring, some gold carats or little diamond curve and everyone congratulates her. That's it!

Quickly, what should you be thinking while getting a proposal ring

It's no rocket science, just something beautiful. Don't forget you're paying some bills pretty soon.   

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A nice ring is a nice ring. You can add gold to yours or call it diamond. It's a ring! Just make sure it's something she would love to see on her finger.

Don't break the bank, it sure comes with some ring on your wrist larger than the ring on her finger. LOL

STOP, if by now you don't know i had discussed 4 great points, you must have been evading taxes like Donald Trump.

Next top is... a minute pls!

I've talked about 
* Make sure there are no issues left undiscussed
* Know you are both on the same relationship page
* Let it be a venue she has got some sort of connection with
* The kind of ring you're getting matters

Here's the last thing!

Just do it! Yeah brother. Just put the ring on it and have Beyonce stop singing all the single ladies.

What else? Oh, the photos on instagram, twitter, Facebook, pinterest had better look good with all the kisses and smiles.

AND she says YES! The people can go home now and left the newly engaged do whatever, under whatever, on whatever. Lights off! LOL

Hope i get to receive a wedding invite soon, but not after 5, 7 or 10 years. Congratulations! To receive my latest post directly into your inbox Click here

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