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33 Quotes, Late Night SMS and Text Messages for a Husband that Comes Home Late

husband comes home late after work

Is your husband or boyfriend now staying out late and you're at a cross road. A part of you want to scream, yell at him and the other would like to encourage him and deal with it if that will change his mind from coming home late. 

In my No. 1 Ranked Content on Google, How to Stop Your Man From Coming Home Late, i already shared practical ways on how to help your husband come home early. Also 25 Ways to Make Your Husband Rushing Home From Work is highly recommended for women that want to stop their husband from staying out late.

It's disturbing to stay up waiting for a man that won't come home, either by habitual reason or sudden personal decision. Whatever the reason, one or two of these quotes and text messages would help connect with his soul, emotions and possibly bring him home early henceforth. At least for your own peace and sanity in the home. I think i should apologize on his behalf for taking you through the stress.

Quotes, Text Messages and Counseling: Coming home late sms or test messages to send your husband or boyfriend if he stays out late

boyfriend comes home late

SMS for late home coming husband IF YOU'VE KID(S) TOGETHER

1. I keep lying to the kids every night, they never see you before bed time, if not for my sake, can i have you home early for the sanity of our kids?

2. If your decision to come home late is killing me on the inside, think of what would be happening to the kids right now

3. I thought about how we started, i thought about the beautiful promises you made, i thought about how you were a loving husband and father to our kids but now they go to bed without a hug from you

4. Myself and the kids are on protest tonight, either you come home to us or we come over there to you, reply with a choice

5. Someday i hope for a normal relationship where you would be here to babysit our child with me

6. I'm with your child and you staying out late is the worst encouragement you can give me right now, please come home

7. It's past 12am, i'd wished you'd stayed with us in this cold night than chose to be with your friends and leaving us alone

8. Each time i hear our baby cry, i'd think there's something i could do differently to make you come home early, if any please tell me coz i can't do this all by myself

9. Can you take a minute and think about Jason (insert kid name) and how much he means to you coz his eyes are still wide open hoping to see daddy tonight

10. I thought about where i got it wrong to have made you start staying out late and if really our kids are indeed a blessing to us. If not for anything, think about them

husband comes home drunk at night

SMS for late home coming spouse IF HE'S A CLUB/BAR FREAK OR GETS DRUNK

11. Today I looked back in time and i told myself i was never wrong accepting to marry you, i can still see in you the sweet and loving husband i said yes to years ago but he's in the club/bar without me

12. Please look around and see the adorable and lovely woman you proposed to is not in that club with you, she's alone and lonely on this bed made for you two

13. Someday i hope you find a woman that would stay up late while you drink yourself away every night, i can't keep up anymore pls come home

my husband come home late mistress or other woman


14. I've stayed with you for 10 years and she barely knows you, would you want to waste 10 years of our lives for a woman you barely know

15. She can be giving you the HOT sex because she's desperate to have you, i give you good sex because i already have you and would like to keep you from getting burnt from HOT sex

16. Honey, whatsoever she's doing differently that makes you stay out late, come home and lets talk about it tonight

17. I know this have gone really bad between us but i'm still the listening woman you married, don't talk to a stranger, i'm home waiting for you to talk to me

18. She may say she loves you but she barely knows you, our love have stand the test of time and that she hasn't gone through, please i need you home it's dangerous out there

19. I'm here, alone on our bed, staring at our wedding portrait, imagining how we loved each other so much to be this happy. You're there, together with her on the bed. I wish i can tell her you're married maybe she would send you to me tonight

20. Would you like another man to touch your woman like you're touching another woman right now

21. She's paid to make men happy, i'm owed for keeping your ass and kids together in this house. Will you come home and lets do more than she does to keep you screaming your brain off

22. How do you want me to explain to our kids that their father is in bed with another woman right now

23. I love you more than she does, if you think i'm just being jealous think about how long you've known her and the years we've been together. One have stood the test of love and survived, come home to me


24. If you can take a moment to think about all you did to have me as your wife/girlfriend and i'm still yours, you'd find a way not to hurt me by coming home late

25. I've always cared for you, this new path is ripping us apart and we're getting farther from each other every single day, would you like to take a moment and let's talk about where we got it wrong

26. I've heard people say you don't value what you have until you lose it. I wouldn't want you to lose me before you see all the effort i made to make this marriage/relationship work, i don't want to lose you too, please come home

27. The women you married in that past may have giving up on this same habit, i chose to stay because i know in you is a caring and loving man that knows i weep to bed every night not having you by my side

28. What makes you think i would sleep on this large bed all by myself, my eyes are open waiting to see you walk through the doors

29. You've been coming home late and i've been thinking how we got it this bad, the only thing i could figure out are two people that are scared to confront their situation. We need to talk about this tonight

30. Every night i wet my pillow with tears, each drop comes with pain of your sudden decision to come home late, you're my husband and i wish to have you right here beside me

31. You cause me so much pain each night, this you're doing is breaking me on the inside coz we didn't agree to have a home while you stay out there

32. You may not worry about how i feel going to bed every night without seeing you but i'm always worried about how safe you're out there in the dark

33. Looking through the window this dark hour, staring at nothing, wishing you could walk straight through that doors into my arms. Come home baby, i miss you. To receive another interesting write-up directly in your inbox click here.

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