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Want A Husband? This is the 14 Proven Prayers to Finding the Right Partner Quickly

Prayers for the right husband

For God has not created a woman to marry a woman, a man to marry a man but a MAN to marry a WOMAN. God's perfect plan for creation is for us as a family to fellowship with Him. Hence a man must leave his father's house and cleave unto a woman in marriage and have kid(s) thereby having a home and a family to fellowship with God.

God's plan is the ONLY perfect plan, any alternative will only alter destinies. 

So wherever your right spouse is right now, God will order his footsteps towards you, he will find you, he will love you, he will marry you and your home shall be peaceful and shall fellowship with God. And just incase you're married, you can as well intercede for as many that are looking for the right man for marriage. 

These prayers will help you connect to the right partner as husband and your waiting is over!

Just before you say these prayers, if you're yet to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, it's good you do so. Having a relationship with Him is accepting His Lordship and that He came to earth to die for your sins. Hence, He would direct your steps toward righteous living and help you live a better life.

Make this confessions: Heavenly Father, i come before you in my sins and unrighteousness, i acknowledge i'm a sinner, behold the blood of your soon Jesus Christ on the cross of calvary and have mercy on me. Forgive of all my sins, Holy Spirit i invite you into my life affairs, take control. As from today, i say NO to sin and all ungodly habits. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

If you made this confession, you're now a born again Christian, you're saved! The Holy Spirit will direct you to a Christ-like Church around you to start attending. If you have any question send it here. Go ahead and say the prayers below. God bless you!

Just incase you're a genuine Christian before now...

FIRST ASK for forgiveness of all secret sins and ungodly habits struggling with your faith.

prayers for finding the right man

SAY THESE 14 PRAYERS to finding the right partner

Heavenly Father, 

1) Every veil of Darkness covering the eyes of my man from seeing me, clear away

2) Satanic arrangement, bringing wrong women the way of my spouse in order for him not to see me, i scatter you

3) Evil declaration that has gone ahead of my marriage, be reversed now

4) Curses issued against my marital settlement, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus Christ

5) Whoever has vowed that i shall not marry or enjoy my marriage, receive the judgement of God

6) Manipulation of the wicked to make me miss my divine partner, i frustrate you

7) Evil arrangement that relocated my husband to a wrong location in order for us not to meet, i reverse you now

8) Oh God that connect Rebekah to Isaac, connect me to my rightful husband

9) Family pattern of late marriage operating against my destiny, i cancel you now

10) Inherited curse of thou shall not marry in my family line, i nullify you

11) Battle from the wicked that confronted my parents marriage, now struggling with me, perish now

12) I frustrate the plan of the wicked to keep me unmarried this year

13) Oh God, if it's my character that is chasing away my ordained partner, have mercy on me, fix me and bring us together again

14) Oh God, by your Almighty Power, connect me to a man that will make Heaven together with me.

I ask all these in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen!

I believe with you that as you've said these prayers, your long awaited testimony shall manifest suddenly in the name of Jesus Christ. I say to you now, it's your turn to be celebrated. It's settled. Amen!

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