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How to Know if a Guy Likes You (especially a Dutch guy)

How a Dutch guy likes a girl

Most Dutch guys are pretty direct and straightforward. If you’re not in constant contact with this person (i.e. a classmate, colleague or already friend), you will probably meet, end up chatting/drinking the night away, he will offer to bring you home and go in for the kiss (if not already happened). If he’s a gentleman and serious, he will leave it at that and ask to see you again another day. If not, he will want to look at something in your apartment/needs to use your bathroom/want a drink (hint, hint).
It is of course different if this person is already in your social circle in one way or the other. In this case he will either just ask you out, or he will go for the ‘indirect approach’.
The indirect approach can be more or less obvious depending on character, and can take more or less time, but will consist of finding ways to spend increasingly more time with you, making lots of eye contact, smiling, physical contact, making suggestive/flirtatious remarks/jokes and striking up conversations.
For example, a classic case would be to invite you along to something with other people, or to whatever party/social event at his place, where he will clearly treat you differently as opposed to other people. He will sit very close to you, talk to you a lot and will try to find whatever pretext to spend time with you alone. For example, he finds out that you want to learn X. He can do that, and he can teach you if you want. Will tomorrow suit you? Or you like that book he has? Cool, he will lend it to you. You can bring it back anytime. When you bring it back, while you’re already there, do you want to come in for some coffee?
Generally speaking, it’s pretty clear if a Dutch guy likes you. Culturally speaking, it’s almost always the guy who takes the initiative, though it is becoming more socially acceptable for girls to take the initiative.
Things to watch out for:
  1. Guys who will tell you anything you want to hear in order to get you into bed. You’re the most beautiful girl he has ever met, you’re so special, blah, blah, blah and lots of other bullshit. It’s very, very common. Beware, beware, beware!! (Sorry Dutch guys, I know you are not all like that <3)
  2. Guys who are just being friendly. It’s not because he talks to you that he is into you. Please know the difference. It’s not hard to tell, really.
Signs that are a 100% sure he’s into you (and about to kiss you):
  1. If he put your hair behind your ear, or if in any other romantic way touches your face
  2. If he takes your hand and starts ‘stroking/rubbing it’
  3. If he’s stroking/rubbing your leg, or there is any foot/leg action going on
  4. If his hand is on your butt
  5. If you’re in the middle of a conversation, close together and he suddenly shuts up and looks like he’s going in for the kiss (of course he is).
Did I mention it’s generally pretty clear if a Dutch guy is into you? :-D
Some things most Dutch guys will (not) do, that might be weird for you if you’re from a different kind of culture:
  1. I know women from some cultures are showered with expensive gifts and trips all the time by their boyfriends. Ha! Forget it!
  2. Romance and chivalry? A Dutch guy will pick-up the check (unlike popular belief), will maybe open the door for you, but that’s kind of it. Don’t expect a Dutch guy to show up at your door with roses. Unless it’s your birthday or anniversary.
  3. Dutch guys will treat you fairly equal. Most (educated) Dutch guys know how to cook and can generally take care of themselves. They will not treat you like you’re a fragile little woman and they are the strong macho man.
  4. A date will always end with a kiss (not on the cheek ;-)). If he doesn’t go for the kiss, he’s either exceptionally socially awkward or he’s not into you. Beware, if he kisses you, it does not mean he’s serious about you. It’s just a kiss.
  5. Meeting the parents is not such a big deal. It does not mean he’s about to propose. In any case, marriage is not a considered a must anymore in general.

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