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How to know my husband is cheating on me

I used to have an open relationship with my ex-husband.

So when I was searching to have that extra person in my life I came across many married men looking to cheat on their wives. I made a personal rule to only date men in open relationships which was clearly stated in my personal ad.

Nevertheless, it was incredible how many married men tried to have an extra-marital relationship with me. I would agree to go on dates with them as I was intrigued why men who claimed to be happily married would cheat. What I found was very interesting but I also gather this bit of information which might be helpful to few women who might be doubting:

- New underwear - If you husband was never interested in having new underwear and you see him buying Bjorn Borg boxers. That’s a HUGE sign!

- All of the sudden too many late meetings at work or too many business trips which run from or into the weekend.

- If before he didn’t use lotion and now he does

- If before he didn’t care if he shaved and now he does

- If his sexual appetite changes in an odd way: if he was before too hungry for sex and now he isn’t but also the other way around.

- If he becomes overly secretive, especially of his phone

- If the length and frequency of time he spends using his phone in the bathroom increases. Another HUGE sign!

- Tania Solis-Camara

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