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What's the best way to revenge on a cheating husband and his mistress

This story was shared anonymously but I find it really effective if the said mistress happens to be in a profession that accommodate this form of reaction. 

The story goes...

My husband’s bit on the side was a therapist. I booked an appointment with her under my maiden name.
I told her briefly about my concerns for my marriage and the impact on my children. She expressed empathy and saiwasd she could definately help me. I then calmly revealed who I was. She then spent a very uncomfortable 45 minute squirming around. She couldn’t eject me from the room without her colleagues finding out what she had been up to and knew that I would be leaving though the reception area.
It was therefore essential to her professional reputation that she engratiated herself with me as much as possible in the time available.
I have never seen anyone face the consequences of their behaviour quite so forcefully. I barely said another word. I didn’t have to.
And my husband? I told him that I’d been to see the woman and that we had spent an hour talking about their affair, but I did not share a single detail with him.
For a man used to having all the information and leaving me in the dark, this was very hard, he was extremely angry and very distressed at losing control of the story.
I divorced my husband and he is now in a long term relationship with this woman.
I am very glad to be single and also grateful that I had the opportunity to put myself in a position of power and confront them head on with their behaviour without so much as raising my voice or being vengeful in a way that would reflect badly on me. It has helped me to find resolution.

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